Anthony Elvin Zelevinsky
    Tony was born on November 12, 2008.
He has a sister Elizabeth.
September 2018Hiking; canoeing
August 2018South Africa; starting 5th grade
July 2018Cathedral camp; sharing the Minions
June 2018Elementary school graduation; Mohr's Explorers camp
May 2018Grandpa; spring recital
April 2018Ducks & geese; Roosevelt Island
March 2018Asterix books; springtime snow
February 2018Field trips; Rockaway Beach
January 2018More snow days; cuddling with Lizzy
December 2017Snow; ballroom dancing
November 20179th birthday; South African cousins
October 2017Many field trips; Minions!
September 2017School; muckraking in ponds
August 2017Summer camp; playing with Lizzy
July 2017Swimming in lakes; visiting family
June 2017Riding a bike; exploring NYC
May 20178 y 6 m:  subway explorations; Coney Island
April 20178 y 5 m:  spring puddles; space suit
March 20178 y 4 m:  String Festival; sledding
February 20178 y 3 m:  reading to Lizzy; snowy hikes
January 20178 y 2 m:  New Year in Michigan; winter walks
December 20168 y 1 m:  Michigan wilderness; enjoying grandparents
November 20168 years:  playing with Lizzy; 8th birthday
October 20167 y 11 m:  walking Max; Halloween owl
September 20167 y 10 m:  hiking at PEEC; time with Grandma
August 20167 y 9 m:  Massachusetts cousins; 3rd grade
July 20167 y 8 m:  South Africa; summer camp
June 20167 y 7 m:  end of 2nd grade; bird anatomy
May 20167 y 6 m:  bird watching; lake house
April 20167 y 5 m:  cherry blossoms; building towers
March 20167 y 4 m:  Empire State Building; GW Bridge
February 20167 y 3 m:  hiking trails; string festival
January 20167 y 2 m:  grandparents; sledding
December 20157 y 1 m:  learning circuits; exploring Michigan
November 20157 years:  birthday; science experiments
October 20156 y 11 m:  exploring bridges; banana suit
September 20156 y 10 m:  PEEC trip; science experiments
August 20156 y 9 m:  sleepaway camp; 2nd grade
July 20156 y 8 m:  exploring NYC; enjoying summer (a lot)
June 20156 y 7 m:  end of 1st grade; hiking with Lizzy
May 20156 y 6 m:  aquarium; growing beans
April 20156 y 5 m:  Lyuba's visit; Children's Museum
March 20156 y 4 m:  violin concert; making waffles
February 20156 y 3 m:  snowshoeing; bear bones
January 20156 y 2 m:  Michigan New Year; first recital
December 20146 y 1 m:  Rockefeller Center; science museum
November 20146 years:  Met museum; birthday!
October 20145 y 11 m:  learning the violin; farm trip
September 20145 y 10 m:  building with Lizzy; Natasha going home
August 20145 y 9 m:  1st grade; hiking trails
July 20145 y 8 m:  music and art camp; soccer in the park
June 20145 y 7 m:  finishing Kindergarten; relaxing in Michigan
May 20145 y 6 m:  white background; tire swing
April 20145 y 5 m:  scary potato; sailing in a box
March 20145 y 4 m:  class photo; reading chapter books
February 20145 y 3 m:  skiing; building a bear
January 20145 y 2 m:  winter vacation; swimming outfits
December 20135 y 1 m:  sledding with Lizzy; digging for rocks
November 20135 years:  5th birthday; playing soccer
October 20134 y 11 m:  harvest season; Halloween parade
September 20134 y 10 m:  Labor Day at PEEC; bucket-heads
August 20134 y 9 m:  finishing preschool; starting Kindergarten!
July 20134 y 8 m:  daycare friend; photographing self
June 20134 y 7 m:  going to daycare; visiting Newport
May 20134 y 6 m:  reading to Lizzy; photographing trains
April 20134 y 5 m:  dog walking; subway shirt
March 20134 y 4 m:  enjoying little sister; celebrating at school
February 20134 y 3 m:  sledding; hiking in PA
January 20134 y 2 m:  going to preschool; skiing
December 20124 y 1 m:  meeting Baba Lyuba; family time
November 20124 years:  already 4!; friends with Max
October 20123 y 11 m:  Kot Bayun; painting spring
September 20123 y 10 m:  cooking; reading to Lizzy
August 20123 y 9 m:  summer break; PA visit
July 20123 y 8 m:  field trip; Grandma & Grandpa
June 20123 y 7 m:  eating chocolate; baby sister!
May 20123 y 6 m:  meeting William; visiting sheep
April 20123 y 5 m:  bubble bath; Kavya's visit
March 20123 y 4 m:  Zingo; Olivia
February 20123 y 3 m:  Bingo!; sleeping in the big bed
January 20123 y 2 m:  Grandma & suspenders; snow day
December 20113 y 1 m:  train tracks; Grandpa
November 20113 years:  birthday candles; the train museum
October 20112 y 11 m:  making music; jumping in the crib
September 20112 y 10 m:  trail hiking; giant turtles
August 20112 y 9 m:  playing with Kavya; hurricane
July 20112 y 8 m:  walking Max; riding train
June 20112 y 7 m:  picnicking; performing
May 20112 y 6 m:  singing; cuddling
April 20112 y 5 m:  playing with Grandma; feeding llamas
March 20112 y 4 m:  entertaining visitors; picking up toys
February 20112 y 3 m:  cuddling; snow in PA
January 20112 y 2 m:  skiing; painting
December 20102 y 1 m:  Grandpa's school; alphabet tower
November 20102 years:  Tony is 2!; Thanksgiving in Sharon
October 201023 months:  Max the doggie; giant frog
September 201022 months:  climbing structures; cozy blanket
August 201021 months:  boat in CT; splashing in the fountain
  July 2010 20 months: the coconut; Michigan trip
  June 2010 19 months: grandparents' visit; the beach
  May 2010 18 months: studying wheels; swings are the best
  April 2010 17 months: road trip; farm visit
  March 2010 16 months: practicing walking; enjoying the outdoors
  February 2010 15 months: sorting shoes; walking!
  January 2010 14 months: dancing to tunes; splashing in the tub
  December 2009 13 months: playing in the snow; Daddy is away
  November 2009 12 months: Tony turns 1; lots of family visits
  October 2009 11 months: visiting Connecticut; first Halloween
  September 2009 10 months: sitting nicely and learning to stand; repairing pots and pans
  August 2009 9 months: trip to Michigan; crawling and playing
  July 2009 8 months: first trip; hiking in Colorado
  June 2009 7 months: Boston grandparents' visit; 'swimming' on tummy
  May 2009 6 months: reading books; tasting many different foods
  April 2009 5 months: enjoying Grandma's visit; found his toes
  March 2009 4 months: lots of attention from Grandpa; learning to sit in Bumbo chair
  February 2009 3 months: found his fingers; more smiles!
  January 2009 2 months: first big smiles; uncle Alex's visit
  December 2008 1 month: taking a bath; big family visit
  November 2008 Tony is a newborn!